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Homeway's Commitment To Privacy

Secure remote access is useless without strong data privacy. Our goal at Homeway is to empower the Home Assistant community with free, secure, and private remote access. We can't do that without a strong data privacy commitment.

Data Privacy

Our privacy commitment is simple. We don't store or sell any of your Home Assistant data. All remote access data is tunneled through our services and then deleted.

Information we do not store includes:

  • Home Assistant website information.
  • Home Assistant home state information.
  • Your Home Assistant credentials.
  • Your Home Assistant logged in session data.

To operate the service, we need to store data like your login email and password. We purposefully collect only the minimum amount of information to establish and secure your account.

We store your account information as securely as possible, for details read our Security Page.

For example, when you create an account, we only require your email and password; we don't ask for your name. We share a minimal amount of anonymized web site usage data with some 3rd services for things like keeping track of service health, website errors, etc.

For full details, please read out Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact us.